The jump off

Welcome to the official blog of our translation network, Genial Translations. In it, we hope to offer some fresh perspectives on language and translation, and on our work in general. As both of us are new to the world of blogging, we’re not really sure how this will pan out. Nevertheless, we do hope to produce some rewarding entries that prove to be worth reading. Your questions and comments are appreciated!

2 thoughts on “The jump off”

  1. How do you feel about using an asterix or two to “soften the blow” of seeing expletives in a text? S**t storm etc…
    I have seen some pretty taboo English usage in public advertisements here in Germany, which often makes me wince. The Germans I know, however, consider it mere slang. They are less sensitive to the import of the term, I suppose.

    You use “p**s-poor” yourself in all its unbowdlerized splendor. Ditto.
    Am I getting old?


    1. Thanks for your feedback. I completely agree. Shitstorm can strike the wrong tone in English, particularly in formal writing. Inserting an asterix could be a good solution! Another solution might be to create alternate phrasing to get the same idea across, i.e. “X has triggered animated debate”.


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